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Lorraine McReight, Hypnotherapy and Natural Health Centre
I saw this book on a book stand at the APHP conference and was attracted by its colourful cover. A quick flick, revealed an easy to read style - highlighted sections for case studies and troubleshooting tips, bullet points and cartoon-style graphics. Its user-friendly style allowed me to glean in a few moments that this is a book with a wealth of great tips and strategies for those nervous about presenting. Like many hypnotherapists, I regularly see clients with performance nerves and thought this book might be worth stocking at my therapy centre.
This little book (a mere 136 pages) is divided into two parts, the first, entitled 'Exploring the Territory' deals with limiting beliefs and fears that an individual might be running. The second part, which forms the larger part of the book is named 'Confidence Strategies'. This is the 'how to' part of the book which covers a wealth of exercises from modelling to future pacing, breathing techniques to physical preparation and getting 'in the zone' to connecting with your audience and much, much more. It's difficult to do justice to the wide-ranging content of this book in a couple of paragraphs, so I would definitely recommend buying it to read as well as considering stocking it for customers to purchase.
The approach and strategies in this book are definitely NLP, but in a very accessible and non-jargon way. As it's aimed at the public, rather than therapists, this is understandable, although the easy-read style makes it suitable for all. To consider 'Butterflies and Sweaty Palms' a purchase for the public only, is to ignore the valuable addition it could be to newly qualified therapists and students. This great little book could be a very useful manual on how to help clients who are fearful of public speaking or even for therapists who want to do demonstrations, talks, or teaching.
Guest | 30/04/2014 01:00
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