Product reviews for Why Do I Keep Doing This!!?

Karen Moxom, Managing Director, Association for NLP
I was lucky enough to be invited to review Judy's latest book -˜Why Do I Keep Doing This?'. I say lucky because reading this has enabled me to successfully work with one or two of my own -˜challenges' it worked for me!

Judy has a natural way of building Rapport with the reader from the first page, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and practicing the techniques. I found her words to be very reassuring, as she reminded me to check my ecology and congruency before starting self hypnosis -” this appealed to my own sense of integrity and ethics!

This is a really informative back to basics book about self hypnosis, which could be read by anyone interested in learning more about this particular skill. Judy explores the origins of hypnosis and how it can be so effective, which is valuable information for those who may require a little convincing!
It's definitely worth working on the specific visualisations in Part 2! 

Thanks Judy, for a well informed and thorough read -” it will be staying on my bedside table for a while longer so I can perfect my own techniques!
Guest | 23/01/2012 00:00
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