Product reviews for Why Do I Keep Doing This!!?

Nick Kemp Creator of Provocative Change Works
Judith Pearson's “Why do I keep doing this?” is a well written book that is written in an easy accessible conversational manner. It serves as a good introduction to hypnosis and NLP for those wanting to explore how these tools can be considered in relation to changing unhelpful behaviours. It's well structured and refreshingly jargon free, so the reader can reference a range of different tools that are useful in creating a state personal well being. The book discusses a range of typical issues that people may regard as problems including sleep problems, food related problems, procrastination and anxiety related problems. The scope of the writing acts as a good introduction to how many of these approaches could be considered useful and readers can then decide for themselves whether or not to explore further in more detail. The “pass your polygraph exam” seems to me slightly out of place with the main content of the book and I'm not sure how this fits with the overall theme of “Why do I keep doing this?” even though the author maintains that they are not “siding with criminals” That having said it's an easy read and many interested in personal change may find it a fun read.
Guest | 23/01/2012 00:00
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