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C. Roy Hunter, PhD, FAPHP Author of several hypnosis texts, including The Art of Hypnosis
Books about self-hypnosis are far more abundant than in the latter years of the 20th Century; but very few of them stand out above the average. Why Do I Keep Doing This!!? by Judith E. Pearson, Ph.D., stands way above most self-help books as well as books about self-hypnosis.

In addition to clearly explaining the basics of self-hypnosis, the author shows the reader how to blend in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) exercises as well for better results. She discusses some basic NLP concepts in simple language for those not familiar with NLP. Her book includes additional important information regarding motivation and goal achievement, as well as overcoming undesired habits. 

As a hypnotherapy practitioner since 1983, I respect and appreciate that Pearson makes no claims trying to present self-hypnosis as a cure for all of life's problems. Instead, she makes it clear that some people may require psychotherapy and/or clinical hypnosis from a qualified practitioner.

Pearson also goes beyond most other self-hypnosis books by writing outside the box. In other words, she provides some important additional background information regarding a number of common problems, such as numerous tips to those wishing to control their weight. Addictions, procrastination, self-esteem and insomnia are also covered, along with exercises for pain management and healing past hurts.

Although her book is written for the novice, even veteran hypnotherapists should find her book filled with useful information. Furthermore, numerous references from the work of other professionals prove that the author invested considerable research to make this book more valuable and credible.
Guest | 23/01/2012 00:00
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