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Jon Sutton Editor of The Psychologist
Author Stephanie Davies is Creative Director and founder
of Laughology, a training and consultancy firm that makes use of humour and positive thinking (see -˜Careers, April 2013). This is her -˜workbook for a new model of living'.

A comedian herself, she is studying for an MA linking humour, laughter, health and psychology, while practising the techniques in specialist mental health units. Laughology -˜provides you with a means to use humour and laughter to enhance thinking skills on every level for positive well-being, resilience and communication'.

As Davies admits, the techniques are largely common sense, but she challenges us to be proactive in finding ways to introduce more humour and laughter into our lives. -˜FLIP your mood' with Focus, Language, Imagination and Pattern Breaking. Find your laughter triggers. SMILE -” yes, that's an acronym too.

There's a light and cheery feel to this relatively slim tome. It's a playful and practical guide, and you'd have to be agelastic, or even misogelastic, to keep
a straight face throughout.
Guest | 07/08/2013 01:00
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