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Teach Secondary Magazine Issue 2.8 November 2013
Did you hear the one about the stand-up comedian trained in behavioural and clinical health psychology who wrote a guide to the `science of laughter'? Infuriating as it may be at times to be told by some well-meaning, but woefully underinformed, acquaintance that you should `cheer up, it may never happen', there's a good deal of empirically proven truth in the adage that laughter is, if not the `best' medicine, certainly a therapy that's worth adding to your personal self-help toolkit. No, it won't cure cancer, or a cold - but it does have a whole range of benefits, both physical and psychological, and in this lively guide to what she calls 'laughology', Stephanie Davies explains with clarity and enthusiasm how it is possible to use your own sense of humour to harness positive emotions, reframe troubling situations, and generally develop a more useful and productive approach to various aspects of your life and work.
Guest | 18/11/2013 00:00
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