Product reviews for Sorting out Behaviour

Teach Secondary Magazine, Issue 2.7, October 2013
You may not think you have the time to plough through yet another book about leadership - but do try this wonderfully readable series of mini-lectures (many consisting of a single paragraph, and none longer than two and a half A5 pages), covering all aspects of behaviour management from implementing a uniform policy to dealing with `difficult' parents and working with the governing body. There's plenty of practical advice, illustrated with pertinent anecdotes, and laced with just the right dilution of wry humour; much of it will simply reinforce what you already know (the importance of consistency, for example, and the need for senior leaders to be visible and available). But there are some innovative strategies, too - the method Rowe and his staff have devised for tackling lateness being a particularly brilliant example.
Guest | 16/10/2013 01:00
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