Product reviews for Obstetrics for Schools

Guy Claxton, author of The Learning Power Approach: Teaching Learners to Teach Themselves
It is a disgrace that we can accept that a third of our children will fail at school. Such a rate of attrition, and such inequity, is no longer tolerated in childbirth, and it should not be tolerated in schools. Medicine has developed robust procedures to make sure this doesn't happen - but where are the equivalents in education? Thankfully, they are right here, in Rachel Macfarlane's brilliant Obstetrics for Schools. Wise, passionate, compassionate and, above all, practical, this book is an intimate guide to reducing the poverty gap in education. Every head teacher, administrator and minister of education should read it and be judged on their  responses to it. If this doesn't happen, it will only show that we as a society still don't really care, and that intellectual and ethical torpor still rule the roost.
Guest | 25/03/2021 00:00
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