Product reviews for Obstetrics for Schools

Peter Hyman, Co-Director, Big Education, and co-founder and first head teacher of School 21
This book is rare in providing both a compelling vision for education and a range of practical ideas to help achieve it. It is also perfectly timed for the post-COVID world, showing both the humanity we need to readjust and the practical wisdom we need to rethink.

Driven by a passion for ensuring the most disadvantaged succeed in life, Rachel Macfarlane uses her experience as a great head teacher to show how each of the barriers standing in the way of young people can be dismantled. Drawing on excellent practice from her own schools and those she has worked with, she provides fresh insights into both leadership and classroom practice. She transcends the artificial divisions between traditionalists and progressives, instead focusing on the importance of young people achieving great results and also becoming powerful lifelong learners.

If you are looking for a fresh take on social mobility, and if you believe that a better society comes from unlocking the potential of each and every child, then Obstetrics for Schools will give you inspiration and hope. The work is never easy, but the rewards, as Macfarlane shows, are immense. This elegantly written book will give renewed impetus to those seeking a more expansive vision for education.
Guest | 25/03/2021 00:00
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