Product reviews for The Kindness Principle

Fran Morgan, founder of Square Peg
How can anyone object to kindness? Particularly when it comes to children. There are so many elements of this book that resonate: the need for adults to be their authentic selves with lived values, the power of recognition and intrinsic motivation, the value of play and co-constructed rules, the rigour of flexible consistency, the effect of seeing attention-seeking behaviour as attention-needing behaviour, and the fundamental problems of using fear and sanctions to control children and demand respect. I hope all school staff read The Kindness Principle with an open mind, because it's time we questioned the purpose of an education system which is apparently -˜successful' yet is making so many children and young people unhappy. My own daughter was a square peg in a round holes system and the consequences were unbearable. If we had our time again, I know which sort of school I would want her to attend. And kindness would be running through its bones.
Guest | 26/03/2021 00:00
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