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Rachael Wardell, Corporate Director, Communities Directorate, West Berkshire Council
Independent Thinking neutralises feedback by pointing out that it is an expression of the preferences, prejudices and limitations of the reviewer. That being so, I will confess to limitations of time and a preference for dipping in and out. Luckily -˜dipping in and out' is one of the intended uses of this book.
I can have a lot of fun with a Thunk -” -˜Is never longer than forever?' or -˜What are the achievements of a newborn baby?' are satisfying questions to ponder or discuss. I enjoy certainty, too. In my world, the answers to the Thunks -˜Is it more important to do “I loveyou” than to say “I love you”?' and -˜Can you be a head teacher if you've never been a teacher and can you be a good head teacher if you've never been a good teacher?' are -˜Yes'. It's not lost on me that my certainty makes me an object of mistrust.
As to prejudices, what is the point of education? I know it isn't to replicate -˜What works for me ...' Can the bogeyman that phrase conjures really be defeated by one little boy refusing to write his answers down? That, it seems to me, is the question at the heart of this book. Will it be used to start a revolution? Only if we use it to help us think. I did.
Guest | 31/10/2013 00:00
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