Product reviews for Middle Leadership Mastery

Jenny Wilkinson, teacher and middle leader, Church of the Ascension Primary School
Middle Leadership Mastery is an essential and desirable read for both experienced and aspiring middle leaders. The book is applicable to both primary and secondary practitioners and explores a wealth of role-relevant concepts to help them lead effectively across the curriculum.

Adam Robbins clearly identifies how middle leaders can harness the responsibilities and freedom of the education system in terms of teaching, learning and assessment. And, by drawing upon key underpinnings of the new Ofsted framework, he shares various perspectives geared towards questioning and challenging existing classroom practice. Robbins presents a range of resources for managing key areas of education and explicitly identifies how to tackle some of the difficult challenges of being a leader, from time management to delegation. Throughout the book, there are a wealth of opportunities to explore and reflect upon this
newfound knowledge, which will ultimately impact upon the children and the curriculum within our schools. Undeniably, Robbins' honest account of his experiences of leadership shine through, developing the relatability of the book's content to the everyday classroom.

Overall, Middle Leadership Mastery is an extremely insightful and thought-provoking book which I would highly recommend to any middle leader who aspires to drive change in their subject and have a positive impact on pupils' learning.
Guest | 23/04/2021 01:00
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