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Dr Jill Berry, leadership development consultant and author of Making the Leap: Moving from Deputy to Head
Middle Leadership Mastery provides carefully considered, thoroughly researched and referenced advice for subject leaders, and also considers pastoral responsibilities in addition to academic ones. It draws together much recent research and helpful reading, focusing on what middle leaders can learn from the findings -“ which, in turn, should help enable them to lead their teams effectively.

Adam Robbins' exploration of the challenges and opportunities of middle leadership is comprehensive. His writing is especially strong on leaders' imperative to respect professional autonomy while still
understanding their role in supporting and constructively challenging those they lead to meet the highest aspirations.

Robbins offers examples from his own practice, but is careful to avoid any sense of prescription. He makes clear his commitment toe the central place of routines, what we can learn from cognitive science, and the complexity of assessment. He writes compellingly about the importance of leading others in such a way that they are able to learn, develop and achieve professional standards they can feel proud of.

I particularly like what Robbins has to say about -˜managing up' (helping those who lead you to get the best from you), his tips for giving feedback which is candid but compassionate, and the final section on safeguarding your own wellbeing and ensuring your job is sustainable through finding perspective and achieving a manageable and proportionate work-“life balance.

Ultimately, Middle Leadership Mastery presents a strong case for the crucial importance of middle leaders, who, as Robbins says, -˜are the people who drive a school forward' and who deserve to be valued and empowered.
Guest | 23/04/2021 01:00
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