Lisa-Jane Ashes. (AST), Author and Creator of Reflections of a Learning Geek
Using his own love of teaching as fuel, Didau aims to reignite the enthusiasm of English teachers everywhere; his belief that every English lesson can be outstanding is inspiring. This book is an encouraging reminder that, with hard work, effort and an understanding of the fundamental pedagogies of our classrooms, we too can achieve perfection in our lessons. He provides English teachers with a wealth of ideas, techniques, hints and tips which have all been tried and tested in his own classroom. Being a current Head of English, he is well aware of the pressures which everyday teachers face. In short, this book is not merely wishful thinking but a realistic interpretation of what needs to be done to achieve perfection. Following the typical format of a lesson, the chapters are user friendly and brimming with adaptable ideas. The text is easily accessible and can be either followed directly or used to harvest ideas for upcoming lesson observations. As well as interesting tips for classroom tasks, Didau also offers a range of strategies to encourage deep thinking as well as demonstrating how excellent assessment for learning can lead to perfect English lessons every time.

Guest | 24/05/2012 01:00
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