Product reviews for Obstetrics for Schools

Professor David Woods, CBE
This inspirational book is written in the authentic voice of an excellent and expert practitioner, through which Rachel Macfarlane shares a great understanding of research and evidence-based practice. The book is grounded in a rich storehouse of practical strategies, case studies, prompt lists and questions for reflection - offering everyone who works in schools a range of ideas to make a real difference to the life chances of children and young people. 

Obstetrics for Schools is a powerful call to action and its compassionate and compelling message is that schools and educational organisations need to urgently reconsider how they are tackling the long tail of underachievement. The book's title and contents remind us forcibly that just as society expects every child to be born safely, it should also expect every child to be educated safely, to fulfil their potential and to be able to lead rewarding, happy and healthy lives.
Guest | 29/04/2021 01:00
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