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Susan Foley, teacher, University Child Development School (UCDS), Seattle
Love Teaching, Keep Teaching is an inspiring and relatable read for both new and experienced teachers. With an -˜eyes wide open' assessment of the many responsibilities that teachers juggle, Peter Radford empowers the reader to reflect on the important question, -˜Why do you teach?'  

As I reflected on my own reasons for teaching, I was able to think more strategically about the choices I make and the pressure I put on myself. Peter shares thoughtful advice on how to balance various obligations according to individual values and how to make conscious choices about what you invest your emotional energy in. The encouragement and emphasis on the necessity of taking care of oneself is a welcome theme throughout. 

I began reading the book about one year after the COVID-19 pandemic forced me to shift where and how I taught. As I explored new ways to teach students and collaborate with colleagues in a constantly changing landscape, I found that the stresses and challenges of being a teacher were magnified. To this end, Peter clearly defines the varied responsibilities involved in teaching and argues for balance over perfection. By detailing the many demands that are made on teachers' time and attention, Peter helped me to make an honest appraisal of how I balance my time. I also appreciated the advice on being a leader that went beyond the traditional roles, as he describes effective leadership skills that can be applied in a wide variety of professional relationships - such as managing students, teaming up with colleagues, and heading a department. 

I recommend this book to teachers regardless of where they are on their professional journey, as it will help them take control and set a course that works best for them. 
Guest | 10/05/2021 01:00
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