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Francis Gilbert author of 'I'm A Teacher, Get Me Out Of Here',
I found Phil Beadle's latest book, which focuses upon the importance of 'plenaries' (the summing up of learning in a lesson) really useful and engaging as well. If I'm honest, it's a part of my teaching repertoire that I could do with significantly improving, since too often I don't plan for my plenaries in a satisfactory fashion. Phil shows how the latest educational research by experts like Hattie, Wiliam and a host of other teachers, indicates that when you get the plenary right you attain much better results and improve children's learning generally. I really like the no-nonsense tips, like ending lessons with the learning objectives and starting with a gag; they're workable and don't involve tonnes of preparation. As ever with Phil's books (and work generally) thoroughly recommended. He's a very rare voice of sanity and good fun in an increasingly dogmatic and dispiriting educational landscape.
Guest | 16/07/2013 01:00
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