Product reviews for The Book of Plenary

Teach Secondary Magazine Issue 2.8 November 2013
The first in a new 'How to' series, all written or edited by Phil Beadle, and published by inspiration specialist, Independent Thinking Press, 'The Book of Plenary' really is a convincing candidate for the role of -˜the only book about plenaries you'll ever need'.
Yes, there are penis jokes, and sarcasm, and an almost visible swagger throughout-¦ but there is also intelligent, sharply written analysis of what `the plenary' is actually for; innovative and easily implemented suggestions to help you make sure that yours are really doing what the audience and you want them to; invaluable experience informing every page; and plenty of passion from a teacher-author who is proud of his profession, who thoroughly disapproves of thoughtless box-ticking, and who never, ever falls into the trap of underestimating what and incredible things every young person is capable of achieving, as long as he or she is lucky enough to get the kind of teacher that he or she deserves.
Guest | 18/11/2013 00:00
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