Cal Banyan, MA, DNGH, Creator of 5-PATHÂ'® Hypnotherapy and 7th Path Self-HypnosisÂ'®
Hypnotic Regression Therapy is the most powerful hypnotic technique available to the properly trained hypnotherapist; but is often overlooked by many professionals who have not been properly introduced to the technique, or have had insufficient training. This book was written to provide the kind of foundation that hypnosis professionals need to be properly introduced to the technique in a way that will ensure safe and effective use of hypnotic age regression work.

The authors have written a modern classic in the use of hypnotic regression work that covers many current approaches, while focusing primarily on a client centred methodology which has proven successful in countless hypnosis sessions for a wide range of issues. In it you will learn how to effectively use Hypnotic Regression Therapy to discover the underlying cause of each client's issue, neutralize it, and suggest long term, even permanent change.

The reader will learn how to avoid inappropriate leading, so as to remove the risk of implanting false memories. You will also learn how to allow clients with strong emotions from the past, which can contribute to their issues, to release those emotions in a safe, professional and therapeutic way which can be necessary to produce permanent relief from harmful habits, addictions, fears, self-esteem issues, psychosomatic symptoms and much more.
You will learn a clear system of doing Hypnotic Regression Therapy called the Five Phases of Hypnotic Regression Therapy, which includes these five phases: (1) preparation, (2) regression techniques to discover the cause(s), (3) abreactions and release, (4) subconscious relearning and (5) concluding the session.
Then the authors go beyond the “clinical” and approach the controversial topic of past life regressions in a professional way, with potential explanations and ethical considerations. The authors also include some case histories to validate the value of their client centered approach to Hypnotic Regression Therapy that readers will find invaluable.
I recommend this book to all serious students and practitioners of Hypnotic Regression Therapy, and I wish it had been available earlier on in my career as a hypnosis professional. It is an excellent way to make the leap from working as a script bound, direct suggestion hypnotist, to one of being a powerful change maker who can get results when other lesser forms of hypnotherapy have failed.

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