Joseph F Zastrow MD FAAFP, ASCH President 2012, Mooresville NC
The Art of Hypnotic Regression Therapy is co-authored by two individuals with common practice but differing hypnosis pedigree; Dr. Roy Hunter is Guild trained and Dr. Bruce Eimer is Asch trained. This book is built on top of Eimer's previous text, co-authored with Dr. Dabney Ewin entitled Ideomotor Signals for Rapid Hypnoanalysis: A How-To Manual. Whereas the previous book was a nuts-and-bolts “how to” manual, this book is designed to express the art of employing hypnoanalysis. This book is a synthesis of the nuances applied to hypnoanalysis through two different viewpoints intersecting in the same location. The reader will experience the artful application of hypnoanalysis through case study. Each author tempers their traditional positions with proper caveats to all. For those tempted to lead patients, the warnings on false memory are clear. The authors also delve into the controversial area of past life regression within the clinical context of hypnoanalysis but also with cautions and thoughtful discourse yielding an invitation to open the traditional play book to new boundaries.
This book contains practical applications and an explanation of each author's techniques. Although this book is geared for experienced hypnotists, providing additional induction techniques attributed to their authors is a surprise bonus. The stories of David Cheek's seven psychodynamics of a symptom are revisited and a shortened version lifted from the previous text by Eimer and Ewing. This provides a good overview for those unfamiliar or unread in this area.
A basic theme for hypnoanalysis is that the client knows what they need, but need coaching to find it and correct it. Looking beyond activating events or subsequent sensitizing events leads one to the root cause or initial sensitizing events and hence treatment. The psychosomatic problem-solving is artfully described and adjudicated through Roy Hunter's multiple case examples and Bruce Eimer's PTSD and pain patients. Through the techniques that are described in this text, Drs. Hunter and Eimer create and activate the art of hypnosis and couple this with an excellent review of various psychotherapy techniques employed.
Hypnoanalysis is truly more art than science and with the strokes of the pen this solid book teaches us to open a new canvas on which those trained in hypnosis arts can paint.

Guest | 17/05/2012 01:00
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