Peter Mabbutt, CEO/Director of Studies, London College of Clinical Hypnosis
Hypnotic age regression has over the years acquired an unfortunately tainted reputation. Luckily a new champion is at hand as Roy Hunter and Bruce Eimer have written an elegant volume, breaking down and laying bare its mysteries in a clear and insightful way. Designed to be read by the practising hypnotherapy professional, the authors five-phase model of working through past experience does so much more than simply satisfy the needs of those looking for a step-by-step guide. Staying true to their refreshingly client centred approach, they actively encourage the integration of therapist spontaneity. The controversial nature of regression is of course explored, giving clarity to the issues surrounding false memory without descending into scaremongering, while at the same time presenting a sensible and empowering overview of abreaction. If you are a therapist reluctant to use regression then read this book as it will encourage you to confidently return to a powerful and misunderstood technique. If you are an experienced regression therapist wondering whether to read this book, do so as it has the potential to open up your perspectives and teach you plenty more.
Guest | 17/05/2012 01:00
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