Product reviews for The CPD Curriculum

Kathryn Morgan, Head of Leadership Content, Teacher Development Trust

The CPD Curriculum grabbed my attention right from the dedication: - every teacher who has ever sat in a hall after school and thought -"there must be a better way'-. Sadly, I suspect there are more of us who have felt like this than those who have not.

Research tells us that, despite very well-intentioned efforts, teachers' CPD is still yet to bear the fruits of our labour in terms of the positive impact on student outcomes, the financial cost of resources and, most importantly, the take-up of people's time. There has to be a better way -“ and Zoe and Mark Enser show us how in The CPD Curriculum, taking the time to consider what teachers need to know and how best to teach it, all with the same level of care and thought we would apply to our students' curriculum design and implementation. With a powerful blend of synthesised evidence-informed ideas and pragmatic insights from their own experiences and those offered in the case studies, this book acts as a highly effective tool to ensure that more CPD in schools leaves teachers energised and with a greater sense of efficacy, satisfaction and agency.

Guest | 28/05/2021 01:00
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