Product reviews for The CPD Curriculum

Chris Dyson, Head Teacher, Parklands Primary School
In The CPD Curriculum, Zoe and Mark Enser model a road to a CPD utopia and carefully detail how to put this into place in our schools. We are shown that the typical CPD course, with its deluge of information thrown at teachers, rarely has meaningful impact. Instead, in this book we are introduced to a new model of CPD which integrates experience and theory, and always has its end goal in sight. We are scaffolded with strategies to ensure we nurture teachers who are active rather than passive participants in the process. The CPD Curriculum explores a holistic approach to our aims to improve, where motivation of our teachers is key.

The cycle utilised to ensure vision is translated into reality is key -“ involving theory, exploration, experience and reflection. We are guided to make the move from instruction to induction, trusting and valuing the role of teachers in their development.

The CPD Curriculum takes you to the very heart of just how fantastic CPD has the potential to be a game changer for your school, when developed within the right culture. As described by the authors, this book is a call to revolution -“ and every brave school leader should be answering the call. I certainly will be.

Essential reading.
Guest | 28/05/2021 01:00
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