Lorraine McReight, Hypnoversity magazine, Issue 23, January 2014
Whether you regularly use regression in your therapy, rarely or never, this book will make an interesting read. It is written by two experienced therapists, Roy Hunter and Bruce Eimer, who originally trained in differing approaches before both coming to use Hypnotic Regression Therapy (HRT) within their respective practices. The book is narrated by each in turn, which can be a little disconcerting as each author 'flags up' who is speaking.
This is a well thought out book that can be used as a step by step guide through the various stages of therapy from the intake interview to the practical hypnotherapy sessions and the conclusion of therapy. There is always a ciear focus on what the pair describes as the Four Primary Hypnotherapy Objectives. These are Suggestion & Imagery, Discover the Cause, Release (emotional attachment to the cause) and Subconscious Relearning and clear guidance is given on the practical approaches recommended. Sound descriptions on various regression techniques as well as hypnotic induction methods are described and attributed and these will serve new hypnotherapists well. For those nervous of managing client abreaction, there is good advice too on helping the client through the process of release.
A very ethically written book, there is some very sound advice on when and how to use regression and important tips which if followed should see therapists avoid any legal or therapeutic repercussions caused by 'leading' rather than 'guiding' clients or accusations of 'False Memory Syndrome'.
Whilst the main topic of this book is current-life regression, there's also a chapter on Past Life Regression (PLR). Here there is some good advice on how to deal with clients who spontaneously regress to former lives, as well as how to respond to clients who request PLR.
I would definitely recommend this book and feel it deserves a place on the reading list of hypnotherapy students.
Guest | 20/02/2014 00:00
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