Helen Mulley, Teach Primary Magazine, Issue 6.8
This may look like a book - but in fact, it's a portal; a gateway into the boundless possibilities of the mind's perspectives, and stepping through it in the company of your pupils could enrich both your experience of their learning and theirs immeasurably. There are no answers hidden here, just some of the most important philosophical questions that have nagged at humankind since the beginning of our self-consciousness, presented in deceptively simple poems that can unfold in an infinite number of ways. Whether you choose to take a single thoughting and turn it into a complete lesson, or keep the book on your desk to dip into whenever the mood feels right for some mental off-roading, there could surely be few more joyful and exciting ways of encouraging creative, empathetic thinking.

Guest | 16/11/2012 00:00
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