Judith Lowe NLP Training Institute, PPD Learning Ltd, London
This is a big important book for the -˜distinct and radical' field of Neuro Linguistic Programming, it's trainers, practitioners and critics.

With contributions from a core of the original developers from the 70's, here is an inspiring, sometimes contradictory, multi-layered account of the cultural and intellectual background, the key colourful characters, the playful collaborations, the role of artistry and the creative unconscious, the adventures in modelling, research and rigorous testing as well as some fine examples of early successful Neuro Linguistic Programming applications.

This sets the scene for the real questions being posed - what really is Neuro Linguistic Programming? And where is it going? Is it now merely a set of techniques you can learn by rote in a few days? Or does Neuro Linguistic Programming still deeply propose a subtle, skills-based and fundamental opportunity to further expand and deepen our knowledge and practice of the arts of human communication, learning and change?

An exceptional and essential read for everyone involved in Neuro Linguistic Programming and interested in contributing to its future.

Guest | 31/01/2013 00:00
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