Wyatt L. Woodsmall, Ph.D. NLP Master Trainer and Master Modeler
Finally! 42 years later the true origins of Neuro Linguistic Programming are revealed which up to now have only been the subject of mystery and legend. This is a must read book for any student of Neuro Linguistic Programming. In it we learn what actually happened during the first 9 years of Neuro Linguistic Programming that set the stage for everything that has followed. Today everyone claims to be one of the developers of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Now we learn who the real developers actually were. Further, we are reminded that the meta model is the real heart of Neuro Linguistic Programming and that it can only be mastered through on going practice. We learn that there were three and not two creators of Neuro Linguistic Programming and are introduced to Frank Pucelik who many people in Neuro Linguistic Programming have tragically never heard of. Frank lives in Odessa in the Ukraine and continues to pioneer developments of Neuro Linguistic Programming in business and in working with at risk youth. Also John Grinder makes several points that the Neuro Linguistic Programming world today desperately needs to hear and apply. He warns of the danger of content and categories and pre-mature labeling and redirects us to focus on process. He also emphasizes the power of patterning, modeling and testing in the creation of what is today called Neuro Linguistic Programming. In short, devour this book, imitate the same rigorous methods that were used by the developers, and bring this rigor to develop the next generation of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Guest | 04/02/2013 00:00
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