Michael Carroll Founder, NLP Academy, Co Founder International Trainers Academy of NLP
Thank you John Grinder and Frank Pucelik for your work in providing us with an account of how Neuro Linguistic Programming began as seed and rapidly grew during the 1970s. Neuro Linguistic Programming is now in its fifth decade and for the first time, we have a reliable book that offers a history of Neuro Linguistic Programming. The Origins of Neuro Linguistic Programming is both a story and collection of stories. The theme of the main story is the creation of Neuro Linguistic Programming, the collection of stories is a rich anthology of the people who were there at the beginning and others who came along after the foundation was in place. The stories within this book capture the commitment of Grinder, Bandler and Pucelik and the spirited people they attracted to radically experiment with patterns of human excellence. What makes this book exciting is the multiple voice narrating their personal experience of Neuro Linguistic Programming during the heady days of 1970s. However, there is much more than history inside these pages. If you focus at a deeper level you will find something very rich and missing in modern Neuro Linguistic Programming and that is the fearlessness, the radicalism, the desire to experiment, the commitment to model, the willingness to undertake thousands of hours of practice. Without these elements we would not have an Neuro Linguistic Programming today. As you read and enjoy the voices inside these pages you may want to consider how Neuro Linguistic Programming would be more colourful in the current age if we embraced the attitude of the people who gave us so much in inspiring and creating the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Guest | 04/02/2013 00:00
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