Product reviews for Perfect ICT (Every) Lesson

Daniel Edwards, Director of Digital Strategy, Stephen Perse Foundation
-˜Perfect ICT Every Lesson' seeks to remove the fear some educators have when using ICT to enhance learning. The book dispels the myth that embracing technology in the classroom takes hours of discovery and days of practice before it is exposed to learners. Mark Anderson skilfully discusses techniques and tools whilst maintaining interest in the possibilities that are available to all. The developing pedagogy is outlined to the reader with relevant case studies and examples. There is real craft in the way the learning process is discussed with reference to a tool that should only be used where it is appropriate. Mark successfully informs and relaxes the reader in equal measure. Simple explanation scaffolds the wealth of experience that Mark possesses and it is testament to the author that we are eager to find out more about each suggestion.

I would highly recommend -˜Perfect ICT Every lesson' to all educators seeking to continue their own development and enhance learning for their students. This book will sit on top of the reference list when it comes to improving my own methods and I'm thankful it has come along at this stage in my career.

Daniel Edwards @syded06
Guest | 02/09/2013 01:00
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