Product reviews for Middle Leadership Mastery

John Morris, Director, JTM Educational Consultant
Within a well-structured text, Adam Robbins promotes his breadth of experience linked to a focus on enhancing the skills and awareness of current middle managers who are seeking to boost both their own and their department’s performance and maintain personal motivation within the role. Readers will benefit from the author’s ideas on routines for successful lessons, creating a quality assurance process, leading staff development and leading others. At this difficult period, with the increased need for support for learners and staff and the emphasis on catch-up programmes, the sections on managing change and improving well-being are extremely useful. The excellent recap and reflect sections also offer a workable framework for short-burst staff development sessions for promoting and managing change to ensure all staff are rowing in the same direction. Overall, Middle Leadership Mastery provides a valuable, engaging and stimulating contribution to enhancing the skills of middle leadership staff and supporting them in the challenging arena of middle management. It will enable middle leaders to build an effective toolkit to reduce the burden on themselves and help them avoid personal burn-out.
| 27/07/2021 13:28
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