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Keven Bartle, Deputy Head Teacher, Canons High School
Mark Anderson's 'Perfect ICT Every Lesson' is the most comprehensive, yet accessible, overview of how ICT can be used by all teachers to enhance student learning that I have come across. Quite simply, there is something in it for teachers at every level of responsibility.

What I like most about this book, though, is that it constantly and unerringly sticks to Mark's fundamental principle that it is the learning, not the tech, which is paramount. This is extremely refreshing coming from one of the most technically knowledgeable and proficient educators out there, and I thank him for it.

Fundamentally, the measure of any good educational book is what you learn from it and what you take away from it to implement in your practice. In 'Perfect ICT Every Lesson' Mark has handed me the metaphoric 'fish' of some tweaks to make my PowerPoints more PowerFull and to help me use search engines better. More importantly, this book has given me the 'fishing rod' of a far clearer understanding of the SAMR taxonomy, a framework that will help me to think and plan carefully in order to move towards the 'perfect ICT' of the title.
Guest | 02/09/2013 01:00
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