Zoe Enser, Specialist Lead Adviser for English, author and ELE for Kent

As we know, parental support is a crucial ingredient in both academic and social success, especially for our most vulnerable students. In The Four Pillars of Parental Engagement Justin Robbins and Karen Dempster set out ways in which schools can build relationships with parents and carers and create a culture of mutual collaboration in order to support all our learners to succeed.

The four pillars at the centre of the text are rooted in extensive research and evidence as to what is effective in engaging parents. They also provide tools for schools to reflect on in their context in order to be able to work towards building a culture of mutual respect, support and collaboration.

This book is essential reading for those who want to build on the opportunities meaningful relationships with parents can bring for all.

Christopher | 10/08/2021 14:20
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