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Nina Jackson, Author of The Little Book of Music for the Classroom
Mark Anderson is a master craftsman when it comes to ICT and his 'Perfect ICT Every Lesson Book' is in itself a true reflection of his mastery and genius as a guru of ICT for education. Speaking from the heart he has cleverly engrossed me as a teacher, consultant and 'learner' of using ICT in lessons. His step by step guide to supporting us as educationalists in using ICT effectively in every lesson is to be highly commended, along with his magical way of sharing what can be complex into a simple approachable set of guidelines. Also, the attitude of 'give it a go' is truly refreshing. Mark, (@ICTEvangelist) is not only a great writer but a pedagogical genius of the art of sharing and explaining what is needed for us to meet the needs of our 21st Century learners - and if we do not meet their needs then we are being second rate teachers. A great thanks to him for bringing us this book which every teacher, educationalist and school should have in their back pocket - because when you need him most, the power of his book is there with you 24/7.

This is an essential purchase for any teacher in the classroom or educationalist who wants to develop their own ICT skills. Thank you Mark.
Guest | 11/11/2013 00:00
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