Product reviews for Becoming a Teacher

Sarah-Jane Hamilton, fourth-year MEduc student, University of Glasgow

I found this book extremely interesting. It is very easy to connect with Alan’s writing, and his personal anecdotes are motivating, inspiring and moving in bringing the book to life. Alan covers broad themes and ethical conundrums related to building character, relating it to professional development and reminding us why we should take certain actions for the betterment of the pupils and communities we serve. The story concerning one of his students’ attitude towards Anne Frank’s diary resonated with me as I teach within an inner-city school in Greater Glasgow – and I’m all too often faced with sectarian views which can at times be difficult to confront. Alan reminded me that it is ethically and morally right to tackle controversial issues in a way that does not lead to further provocation. I think Becoming a Teacher is a fantastic book that could be described as a go-to guide for anyone joining the teaching profession.

Christopher | 26/08/2021 13:09
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