Product reviews for Becoming a Teacher

Nathan Alexander Kennedy, Secondary PGCE student, University of Sunderland

What I love about this book is that everything is presented from authority and experience, not merely opinion. When Alan tells the story of the troubled child and the father who beat him in front of him, he doesn’t waste time stating ‘obviously, this was wrong’ but instead allows us to process how we, as teachers, might respond in this situation. I was initially terrified of the numerous pages of appendices, but Alan clearly states how to approach them and why. I therefore enjoyed the debate on ‘Britishness’. This was introduced during my secondary school days and I remember we hated how it was presented; however, Alan provides a very good argument for how ‘British values’ should be explored in schools – and now I will take his insights on board in my own teaching.

Christopher | 26/08/2021 13:11
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