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Many teachers lack confidence when using technology in the classroom because of their concerns that they do not know how to use it properly; or worry about the reliability; or agonise about the speed of accessibility, so they would rather dismiss the option of using tech rather than add the potential of stress. However, in his book, Mark Anderson provides tips and guidance to get teachers from zero to heroes for working with ICT, integrating technologies into everyday lessons, allowing confidence to be enhanced in those needing that encouragement. This is not a book about teaching ICT, but more so integrating technologies across the curriculum to support teaching and learning; asking the reader to think about why you're using digital rather than analogue methods -” what does using technology bring to the learning?

Ideas on brightening up those classroom walls, using sites like Tagxedo (click here to see how teachers are using word clouds in the classroom); using QR Codes; and flipping your classroom are discussed at a uncomplicated level ; as well as considerations for using the ICT suite, e-safety, and mobile technologies, which is now at the forefront of most edtech innovation.

Anderson flies the flag for the professional development opportunities that are available by using social media, and the positive merits of using the #UKEdChat platforms, website and setting up your own Personal Learning Network (PLN).

This is a great book to get the non-tech teachers on-board with integrating technology into lessons in a positive, creative and engaging way for learners. There are still many people scared of technology, often fed by sensational and hyperbole news reporting which needs to be taken into context. Used sensibly, creatively and with imagination, technology can open many different avenues in teaching and learning, with this handy book being able to support those who lack the confidence or ideas in making those first steps.
Guest | 07/02/2014 00:00
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