Product reviews for Celebrating Teachers

John Morris, Director, JTM Educational Consultant

Celebrating Teachers is a collection of insightful stories relating to the impact that teachers often have on learners at all levels. It is an inspirational and at times truly uplifting read, as Gary Toward and Chris Henley share a stimulating take on teaching based on anecdotal evidence from a wide range of contributors alongside their own personal experiences. The real-life teacher–pupil interactions bring the text to life, and the authors also identify and analyse how the teachers’ skills, techniques and personal attributes manage to make ‘the difference that makes the difference’.


Readers will gain from the free-flowing tales of the skills of the teachers featured, as their stories highlight the emotional side of interaction with the learner that is so crucial. It is an outstanding book, full to overflowing with techniques to help improve interaction, motivation, personal skills and confidence. The extensive and thought-provoking analysis of approaches which have successfully opened up learners’ minds and improved their resilience and tenacity make the text relevant, challenging and inspirational.


This insightful and easy-to-read book will be of benefit to all teachers in supporting their current practice.

Lucy | 31/08/2021 14:59
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