Product reviews for A Mindset for Success

Mary Mountstephen, SEN Magazine 

Swainton writes in an easy to follow style and he clearly believes that outstanding teachers ‘believe in their students’ and in their potential to develop a growth mindset, as he sees this of ‘immense importance’ in terms of academic and personal development. He talks about the importance of nourishing the brain with a diet of positive thoughts that support personal growth and the attainment of goals. 

In Part 4 of the book there are a number of practical activities for both students and adults (teachers, parents, support staff). These are well set out and draw on his expertise and experience and are designed to be used in various settings such as lessons or assemblies.

This is a well crafted book that offers a clear route to creating and maintaining a positive mindset approach to learning. 

Lucy | 06/09/2021 13:17
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