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A compelling and captivating story about sadness, loss, acceptance, endurance, thriller, and empathy.

By solving cleverly devised puzzles left by her late beloved mother, Edie together with the help from her best friend, sibling, and father, unearths the shocking truth of her mum's untimely demise. Despite getting into many dangerous and horrendous situations on her mission to bring justice to the murderers, Edie remains undeterred by their actions and continues to investigate. Along the way she learns a lot about the dark evil secrets of those involved; the greed and the lengths people go, to become wealthy. 

Edie adored her mother's perceptions on life and enjoyed spending every available opportunity with her, listening to her and cherishing every moment. So losing her a year ago turned her whole world upside down in the blink of an eyelid. The after-effects left Edie distanced from her surroundings and it affected every aspect of her life. She was unable to focus at school, and home life was tense as her brother and father were also coping in their own ways by compressing their feelings and not talking about them with one another. 

Through the whole ordeal, Edie discovers her inner strengths and recalls all of the long-forgotten teachings about life that her mother taught her, and as past memories surface, she finds guidance and solace in succeeding in her mission. The revelations of betrayal and deception by those close to home make her detective mind inquisitive. Every waking moment revolves around resolving the mystery and conspiracies she learns of, one after the other. The culprits disguised as good doers of society soon become threatened by her and want to eliminate her too.

A superbly devised plot in which the author mirrors the current unprecedented events, which we are facing today. It is a compelling and captivating story about sadness, loss, acceptance, endurance, thriller, and empathy. The toxic and despicable behaviour of individuals she encounters in her everyday life leads to Edie becoming sceptical of everyone’s interior motives. She uses her quick-witted ability to combat her way out of complex situations that she often finds herself getting into. The brave young sleuth finds healing in her path of heartache which makes her a stronger person mentally and one that bonds her closer with the people remaining in her life.

As the overwhelming evidence finally takes its toll on Edie and she reaches breaking point, that is when she learns of the importance of communication and that it is okay to ask for help and not bottle up her thoughts and emotions. A lot of very mind-nurturing psychological facts can be found which the author has superbly interpreted within the story. Edie's fearless and masterful approach towards solving the crime is rewarded as she finds a purpose to use her intellectual detective skills to help others too. I'm excited to read the next book, Outside Chance from this series Don't Doubt the Rainbow.

Lucy | 15/09/2021 11:44
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