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John T Morris BA(Hons),MEd,MPhil,DipPsych,CertEd

In this engaging, thought-provoking analysis, Alan Newland unravels the implications for those who are interested in entering or are still finding their feet in the profession of teaching. Readers will bask in the author’s no-holds barred style as he delves into the moral and ethical roles and expectations of teachers. Alan offers a breath of fresh air in his realistic and insightful analysis of practice, including discussion of a range of legal and ethical issues which impact upon the confidence, awareness and ability of teachers to fulfil their responsibilities.

The flowing anecdotes, all linked to credible examples of practice and research, focus on the virtues and values of good teaching – with the emphasis firmly focused on knowing a good teacher by the values, trust and influence that they generate and develop. Alan enables the reader to reflect on real issues such as positive physical contact, duty of care, restraint using reasonable force, interventions, confiscation of prohibited items, and addressing mental health issues such as self-harm.

Becoming a Teacher will be a major asset for teachers to help them develop their awareness, character, common sense, confidence and safe practice. It should be essential reading for all trainee and probationary teachers, and will serve as a helpful reminder to all senior leaders of the need for consistency and relevance when putting policy into practice.

Lucy | 28/10/2021 11:59
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