Bob Cox, education consultant and author of the award winning Opening Doors series

By the end of this most modern of detective tales, protagonist Edie Marble is described as a Nancy Drew or a young Sherlock; in fact Anthony Kessel has established her as a unique super sleuth in her own right. Edie uncovers global threats, solves cryptic clues and pursues the most personal of quests: what happened to her dead mother? The clearly defined North London setting adds huge authenticity to a story with a profound backdrop. Can psychology help a teenager seemingly out of her depth in a world of corporate corruption?

Edie’s story is for older readers as her problem-solving brings her directly into conflict with hard-edged danger, creating a very original tone ranging from the delight of solving clues to the horror of the situation they reveal. It’s a family story too with a beautiful sense of hope and unity after shocking bereavement.

Enjoy the rapid action of Edie Marble’s journey as a new fictional detective has been born!

Bethan | 01/11/2021 12:51
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