JessT read it to AJT aged 11 & JET aged 8, for

We thought this book was interesting and clever within a potential upsetting setting. The story cleverly weaves together the five clues she has to solve with her everyday life and the memories that help her solve them. 

Edie is a griefing teenager who lost her mum about a year ago in an ‘accident’ but when she finds a clue written by her mum from before the accident she realises that her death maybe a different story. Her mum was a human rights activist and she wants Edie to bring down the people she was investigating.

Edie’s brother, Eli, and her dad, a GP, are both griefing in their own way too.

Lizzie is Edie’s best friend who is very patient with her despite tie up and down emotions of Edie. She helps Edie on a number of occasions.
Running along side Edie’s investigation we learn about Zero and Peter giving all the characters positive and flawed sides. 

This is a book of courage, love, friendship, trust and a determination to get the truth. A quickly paced book that leaves you wanting to read on. 

Bethan | 10/11/2021 10:18
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