Product reviews for About Our Schools

Rachel Macfarlane, Director of Education, Herts for Learning, and author of Obstetrics for Schools

Over the past six decades and in a wide variety of roles in education, Tim Brighouse and Mick Waters have inspired, challenged and supported teachers and head teachers across the country. Their status as education heavyweights is shown by the truly impressive cast of A-listers interviewed by them in their research for this important new book.

About Our Schools is packed with fascinating insights into the motivations of and influences on the secretaries of state for education in England since 1976. It charts the key features of and changes in the education system over the last 45 years, giving the perspectives of key players and sharing amusing and moving tales from the authors’ careers. The final chapter also offers a powerful and compelling rallying cry – a manifesto for ‘building forward together’. 

Younger readers will find this a fascinating history lesson, and those who have lived and taught through the years described will find it brings back a host of memories – but all who read it will gain an enhanced contextual understanding of how our education system has evolved.

Bethan | 03/12/2021 14:20
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