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Andy Hargreaves, Director, CHENINE (Change, Engagement and Innovation in Education), University of Ottawa, and Honorary Professor, Swansea University

More than two men’s memoirs, less than a treatise in political science, this fascinating book opens up its readers to 45 years inside the corridors of power in UK education, like no book has ever done before. This work, from two living legends of British education, brings forward extraordinary levels of candour and insight from political figures as ideologically disparate and strategically different as Estelle Morris and Michael Gove. How did academies evolve? What was the purpose of chains and trusts? How has England’s education system become so chaotically marketised and incredibly centralised all at the same time? And how should we judge what’s happened to the training of teachers and leaders? It’s all here, unexpurgated and unplugged, from the mouths of government ministers, civil servants and education professionals. Dip in, breathe deep, keep an open mind, and enjoy!

Bethan | 03/12/2021 14:31
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