Julia Hancock, Director, Boundless Learning, and leadership, learning and well-being coach

How I wish Independent Thinking on Primary Teaching had been on my shelf when I first started teaching. It would by now be falling apart due to constant use. Full of wisdom and common sense, this is a book of hope and possibilities in which Mark asks questions designed to help teachers consider the ways we work.

Each chapter encourages us to reflect positively on what we already know and do, and provokes us to examine this with optimism – enabling us to see there is always another way to look at things, and offering alternative strategies that may just make our lives easier and our environments for learning more effective. Mark is the kind of coach we all need in our classrooms: authentic, values-led and focused on creating the very best environments for learning – enabling us to work smarter, not harder.

Now is the time to focus on relationships, the golden thread that weaves its magic throughout the book. Mark puts our children and families at the forefront of our thinking and promotes a love of teaching, learning and self. With this book full of playful ideas, warmth and connection, he restores our sense of purpose and clears the way to enable more learning, as well as reintroducing some essential components of the classroom – a rain stick and Elvis!

This is essential reading for teachers and leaders, and a cracking great read. Get your highlighters ready!

Bethan | 10/01/2022 16:56
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