Product reviews for A Head Full of Ethos

Sue Hollister, education consultant and former head teacher

A Head Full of Ethos is different to other education publications. It is highly accessible, hugely relevant, an easy read and a compelling experience for any teacher, subject leader, pastoral leader, senior leader or head teacher, all of whom would find it a useful guidebook to explore the many experiences which can happen at any time in any school. As well as addressing the routine activities which impact on the lives of school leaders, most critically it focuses on the lives of those they lead. Written with a focus on the core principles which underpin the practices of school leaders and teachers, its style and presentation leads us to reflect on our own practices, values, principles and the experiences which have moulded these.

It is easy to dip into, while also drawing you in to read more. Its four focused chapters are each divided into useful ‘cogs’ which unpick the focus and help the reader to address key questions about their own setting and context and act as signposts, always illustrated by Armando’s wealth of experience and realistic, practical philosophy. The cogs will also alert you to key questions you may not yet have thought of asking. 

Armando shares his experience in his characteristically simple, frank and honest way. This is probably the most practical, useful book you will read about schools and education – and one you will return to time and again. You will really understand the ‘what matters’ principles of leadership and draw on these to match your own situation, philosophy, vision and values. But beware: the book will draw you in and is hard to put down.

Bethan | 10/01/2022 17:12
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