Product reviews for Imperfect Leadership in Action

Andy Buck, CEO, Andy Buck Leadership Services, founder of Leadership Matters and creator of the BASIC coaching method

I predict that any head teacher or senior leader reading this will experience two very powerful emotions. Firstly, a sense of relief that it’s okay not to be perfect and to make mistakes. We all talk about being open to self-reflection and learning from our mistakes, but this book makes it so much easier to do. Secondly, a sense of connection or empathy. There is no sugar-coating of the day-to-day realities of leading a school, which means the narrative understands our world and becomes our friend. These two very helpful aspects of the book are combined with a brilliant articulation of what the authors describe as ‘the imperfect leadership mindset’ – a series of internal and external foundations for successful leadership. 

If you want a book that resonates with you, lifts you up and gives you hope and optimism about the future, then look no further. Imperfect Leadership in Action is a real gem.   

Bethan | 22/02/2022 13:47
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