Product reviews for Imperfect Leadership in Action

Sir Hamid Patel, CBE, Chief Executive, Star Academies

Recognising one’s imperfections is a hallmark of great leadership, and openness to learning from other people’s experience is a condition for any leader’s growth. Professor Steve Munby’s mantra that ‘being an imperfect leader is not a skill set, it is a mindset’ is powerfully illustrated in his latest book, co-authored by Marie-Claire Bretherton.

Drawing on the thoughts of a wide range of successful (but self-defined ‘imperfect’) head teachers and CEOs, they illustrate the dispositions and behaviours that help leaders to be less negatively self-critical in striving to learn from mistakes and become better versions of themselves as they shape organisational culture and foster the self-belief of others. 

Readers will be refreshed by the candour, humour and pragmatism of this book, which serves as both a mirror and a route map. 

Bethan | 22/02/2022 13:50
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