Product reviews for Imperfect Leadership in Action

Pak Tee Ng, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Imperfect Leadership in Action is probably the perfect sequel to Imperfect Leadership. The latter encourages education leaders to humbly strive to become better leaders, not for perfection, but for service to education. The former, as the title implies, shows these leaders in action. From the pens of Steve and Marie-Claire, this book brings the experiences of imperfect leaders to readers as case studies for learning. In the book, one can find stories of the joys, frustrations, successes and struggles of education leaders in various situations. Readers will probably see some of themselves in these stories – and will gain much from reflecting on and responding to them. 

Imperfect Leadership in Action is a wonderful gift to school leaders who would like to reflect on and improve their own leadership in practical ways, encouraged by the understanding that the lonely path of leadership need not be that lonely after all. 

Bethan | 22/02/2022 13:52
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