Product reviews for Parklands

Paul Garvey, educational consultant and author

What a book! What a school! Having been lucky enough to have tears of joy streaming down my face at hearing the whole school roaring out ‘Sweet Caroline’ not once, but twice, with the entire crowd swaying and dancing, I can testify that Parklands is a school truly built on love. 

You’ll find more than love in this book, though. There are fundraising ideas, pedagogy ideas, curriculum ideas, competitions, reindeer and fake snow aplenty – and that’s only the half of it. An education book to savour! And, finally, upon reading the postscript about Jason, another great big happy tear dribbled down my face too, because what Parklands did for Jason is what they would do for any member of their community. 

A stunning achievement, Mr Dyson. My hat is off to you and your school!

Bethan | 30/03/2022 13:29
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